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Giorgio Fagan founded FAE (Fagan Applicazioni Elettroniche - Fagan electronic systems) in 1967, initially designing and producing control units for bell actuators. By the middle of the ‘70s automatic voltage stabilization systems, car alarm systems and petrol engine electronic ignition circuit boards were also being developed.

And as we moved into the ‘80s, with the spread of integrated circuits and semiconductor powered devices, FAE initiated research and development into speed controllers in electric motors.

In 1986 the first electric motors, called Varispeed, and their relative speed controllers were put into production. The reliability of the products and the development of automation in Italian industry paved the way for FAE to provide movement controllers for a variety of industries.

1990 saw the beginning of the first research into the VIM and VIT series inverters, which became particularly popular in the textile industry thanks to their simplicity and robustness. 

The first three-inverter system, called the “on-board computer” was developed in 1995. After 5 years experience of these, the CB2000 went into production in 2000, today it is still FAE’s top product for building sector machinery.

In 1998, we began the first research programme into building speed controllers for ventilation systems, which saw the birth of the VRTM series Master controllers. In the following years, the VRTMT and VRTMS series controllers were developed to meet the industry’s demands.

In 2004 FAE signed an important agreement entering into a partnership with Johson Controls, the world leader in the supply of products and services for industrial automation.

FAE was restructured in 2006 and doubled the surface area of its production and management offices.

In 2007 FAE entered into a commercial arrangement with Keller and Sensata for sale of sensors throughout Italy. 

In 2010 and 2011 agreements were reached with Danfoss and Dixell for the provision of certain types of controls as  complement to their products range.

In 2014 the whole series of controls for the air conditioning and refrigeration sector was reviewed with the introduction of the VRM, VRMS, VRTS, VRTMT series, which performed better than the previous ones in terms of precision in speed regulation, mechanical strength and with the possibility of connection to supervision systems.

In 2016 FAE becomes FAE s.r.l. with the participation of Nicola Fagan in the company management. In the same year was born the PTec controls, dedicated to the control of EC fans and inverters. Two years later, in collaboration with some important OEM industries, was born the PTec2 products that are the FAE solution for all the most advanced applications on remote condensers and dry coolers.