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GW525 - Gateway 4G MQTT

GW525 - Gateway 4G MQTT

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Gateway for IIot world (Industrial Internet of Things), this product is connected to sensor, devices, and PLC through Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, SDI-12.
It transmits the data to a server cloud (based on MQTT protocol) by a GSM antenna, it works separately from the physical network and it guarantees the higher security and reliability about the sent data.

Alternatively it’s possible to connect the gateway to your local network (WiFi or Ethernet) with no additional costs of a SIM card.

GW525’s configuration is done via wi-fi (or Ethernet) and then in the cloud platform through a PC or smartphone connection, you can analyze all the data collected and modify the connected devices’ parameters.

Exceeding configurable critical thresholds allows you to be notified via e-mail or push notifications.