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Modbus RTU Master Keyboard

Modbus RTU Master Keyboard

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The T2 keyboard was created for all applications where a compact LCD display is required in size, but capable of providing a complete set of information to the user with a simple, clear and guided software through the following communication languages:
English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian.

T2 can be used for civil applications, with high-quality aesthetic finishes, up to the most demanding industrial environments with robust IP67 protection. The keyboard communicates via Modbus RTU and this allows to reach, even over long distances, controls mounted on machines in uncomfortable or inaccessible places. With OLED display, T2 allows to modify and monitor any parameter down to -30°C of environment temperature. T2 has a relay which can be
used to highlight an alarm via an indicator light mounted for example on a signal tower.

The standard series provide the following characteristics:
- Sturdy fiberglass / aluminum structure.
- 16x2 characters display (dim.56x12mm) protected by polycarbonate with 2mm thick and UV treated.
- Keyboard with 4 keys, protected by a UV treated polyester plate.
- 1 configurable relay.
- Direct power supply from FAE SmartEC and PTec2 control up to 250m, over necessary 24Vac/dc power supply 1VA dedicated cat.II.
- Working temperature: -30T55 ° C, 90% RH non condensing.
- Storage temperature -40T80 ° C.
- Humidity max 90% without condensation, average value in the year max 70%.
- Reference standards applied: EN60730-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3.
- Software structure Class A.
- Pollution degree 2.
- High quality spring terminals.